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Introduction the JISRI

Objectives and History of the Institute

1. History
Our Institute was established on July 1, 1975, and incorporated under the auspices of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Our Institute was established by companies specializing in iron and steel scrap and by trading companies. The original name was the Japan Iron and Steel Scrap Industry Association, and on May 15, 1976, it was recognized by the Administrative Management Agency as an iron and steel scrap processor (manufacturer). On July 3, 1991, the name was changed to the Japan Iron & Steel Recycling Institute.

As of end May 2019, the Institute's membership consists of 853 companies specializing in this field, plus 52 trading companies, for a total of 905 corporate members. There are also 62 supporting members and an overseas member.

Since its founding, the Institute has been focusing on global environmental issues, and has been making contributions to society through its recycling activities, while rapidly adapting to this time of change.

2. Objectives and Organizational Structure
The Institute aims to contribute to the stable economic development of Japan and to an abundant lifestyle for the Japanese people. To achieve these objectives, the Institute strives to ensure a stable supply of iron and steel scrap by conducting research and promoting educational activities pertaining to waste treatment, pollution prevention, resource replenishment, and modernization of management and technology that accompany the business activities of companies engaged in the processing and wholesale of iron and steel scrap.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Main Activities

1. Industry data collection and management
We are involved in collecting, managing, analyzing, and archiving of data relating to the industry, and disseminating this information.

2. Negotiating on behalf of the industry
Representing the industry, we negotiate with government agencies as well as other industry-related organizations. In addition to the steel industry, we have recently started to come into exchanges with organizations dealing with industrial waste and with manufacturers of automobiles and household appliances.

3. Improving business practices in the industry
We have been providing research and information pertaining to environmental conservation and labor issues, and we encourage technological advances in the industry, as well as improved computer hardware and software.

  • We publish the "Iron and Steel Recycling Industry Handbook"
  • We distribute various types of posters

4. Public Relations Activities
We promote the social awareness of iron and steel recycling, and we disseminate information about the activities of our headquarters, local chapters, and various committees.
  • We publish "Iron & Steel Recycling News" 4-5 times a year.
5. Research and information about shredders
We conduct research, information exchanges, and public awareness activities about shredder processing technology and treatment of shredder dust.

6. Profit-oriented activities
We provide the following profit-oriented services to our members:

  • Sales referrals for wire rope
  • Mutual Aid Society
    We provide casualty insurance to our members, including "facility liability insurance" and "comprehensive occupational accident insurance"

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